CamelBak | Segmentation Study

I spent two weeks asking people about their relationship to their water bottles (and found out that people have FEELINGS about this).

Objective: Discover what segments exist within the category of water bottle users, and recommend strategies to CamelBak based on these segments.

Methodologies: Focus groups, 1x1 interviews, quantitative surveys, segmentation via Qualtrics

The most interesting thing I learned: There are some people who never leave home without their water bottle.


Outdoor Enthusiasts, Reusable Rejectors, Feature Focused, P.K.W.W., Extreme & Elite Athletes, Name Brand Buyers

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Partnership with Tile Bluetooth Tracker
Losing a reusable water bottle was a concern for many, especially those in the Feature Focused and Reusable Rejectors groups. Partnering with Tile would help prevent water bottle loss, protecting their investment in a reusable bottle.

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The Gift of CamelBak
CamelBak doesn't currently offer gift cards, but our research showed that the Name Brand Buyers segment would rather receive an expensive water bottle as a gift than buy it themselves. We also found that many CamelBak users would be likely to recommend the brand to their friends, making this a great gift option.

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Ditch the Disposable
Moving CamelBak into more visible locations such as grocery stores (rather than just specialty stores and big-box retailers) will allow CamelBak to be stocked near bottled water, disrupting the purchase journey for the habitual Reusable Rejector.

Caroline Moyer-Kardos (Strategist)
Hannah Barr (Strategist)
Kaitie Kovach (Strategist)
Julian Grimes (Strategist)