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This project was in response to a McKinsey Design & The Case For Her brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards, and we won!

View the case study video below (or scroll down for a written case study).

Every year, over 40 million women in the U.S. struggle to afford menstrual products.

Without proper products, people with periods are forced to create makeshift pads and tampons out of things like rags, socks, and even leaves, which negatively impacts their health and sense of dignity.

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The U.S. is in the midst of a period revolution for the elite.

Millennials with money are excited about menstrual cups, period underwear, and organic tampons.
Meanwhile, many Americans lack the basics.

Solution: Introduce privileged menstruators to the harsh reality of period poverty.

Our campaign for dottie looks like it’s advertising the hippest new period product brand. Closer inspection reveals the true message: these unhygienic alternatives are the norm for many menstruators.

The website explains that dottie is not a real brand-- it’s a movement to fight period poverty in partnership with PERIOD, Inc. The site serves to educate and drive donations to the cause.

The “instagrammy” brands that inspired us

The “instagrammy” brands that inspired us

By acting as a trojan horse in the world of beautiful, Instagrammy brands, dottie is able to open up a conversation about period poverty and basic human dignity with the people most able to pitch in and help.

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Digital Campaign + Donor Acknowledgement

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Caroline Moyer-Kardos (Strategist)
Luke Colombo (Creative Brand Manager)
Ross Harris (Copywriter)
Katrine Limseth (Experience Designer)
Megan Reilly (Experience Designer)
Sarabeth Yglesias (Creative Brand Manager)