Grab It | App Concept

Assignment: Design a useful app for Gen-Xers using AT&T's APIs. 
Our Idea: Make shopping more efficient by automating family communication.

It can be hard to remember to text your family “I’m at the grocery store, do you need anything?” but if you don’t, there’s always a chance you’ll have to make another trip.

Grab It is an app that automates family communication on shopping trips.

Our team realized that a lot of apps designed for families (like shared shopping lists and family calendars) require users to adopt a new habit, which is a big ask. We designed Grab It to be useful to users without asking them to change their normal routines. 

Users can save custom locations and messages in the app, so every time they're at a particular store, they’ll be prompted to text their families. Message recipients don't have to have the app for this to work-- Grab It uses AT&T's SMS Messaging API to send texts through your default messenger. The app also uses the Google Maps Geolocation API and the Google Maps API to find out when users are arriving at one of their saved locations.

Caroline Moyer-Kardos (Strategist)
Charlotte Simons (Art Director)
Josh Perry (Copywriter)
Rachel Street (Creative Brand Manager)
Alexander Whiteway (Creative Brand Manager)
Matt Yakob (Experience Designer)
Nick Tobat (Experience Designer)