Revel | Brand + Product Strategy

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In a Nutshell

Revel started as a gender reveal party box for non-binary and transgender adults. I joined the team to help build out the strategy for the original concept and extend the product into a more comprehensive brand.



Gender reveal parties became popular less than 10 years ago, but have blown up thanks to Instagram. Millennials and Gen Z are pushing back against the concept of a gender binary, but these traditional gender reveal parties (which reinforce the idea of a strict gender binary) are at odds with their values.


Our world is set up for a gender binary in which your sex must match your gender. This makes some people feel ignored and underrepresented. 


Create a brand whose purpose is to affirm the identities of transgender and non-binary individuals. 


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I conducted interviews, surveys, and social listening to come up with a strategic framework for Revel, building on the original concept to make the second version of the brand more thoughtful and empathetic. 

My most eye-opening interview was with Erin, who recently came out as non-binary to their friends and coworkers.


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Ultimately, my research helped our team to develop a more inclusive, sensitive, and useful brand for non-binary and transgender individuals.

Caroline Moyer-Kardos (Strategist)
Katrine Limseth (Experience Designer)
Nick Waddell (Copywriter/Product Designer)