Servpro: The People You Wished For 

Servpro is an expert in disaster-related property restoration. Their 1,700 franchises are open 24/7, and a project manager is always ready to walk customers through the process. 

People call Servpro when they face disasters of any magnitude: from minor mold remediation to suicide cleanup. Much of the time, people call Servpro because they aren’t able to address the property damage on their own. It can be difficult to even know where to begin, especially when spaces are uninhabitable.

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I’m physically ok. To say I am traumatized feels like an understatement. I’m in shock and my brain is all over the place.
— Christine, victim of a house fire

When our spaces are in shambles, we are in emotional shambles.

By talking to people who have dealt with disasters in their homes, we learned that the physical property damage sometimes pales in comparison to the emotional damage they’ve suffered. When people’s safe havens are disturbed, they feel it deeply.

By restoring physical spaces, Servpro lifts an emotional weight off your shoulders.

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When disaster strikes, you’d be surprised who seems like a godsend.

The people you wished for.


When disasters disrupt our homes and workplaces, our routines are disrupted as well. By offering boxed lunches to the families and businesses they serve, Servpro is further tending to their clients’ emotional needs in a small but meaningful way.

Special fire extinguisher stickers are designed to keep Servpro top of mind during emotional moments when people may not know what to do next.

Sticker reads:  When the disaster is over, please call 1-800-SERVPRO

Sticker reads: When the disaster is over, please call 1-800-SERVPRO

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